My Story

Michal Monka

Years of travel and adventures around the world created a unique life and personal style for Michal,
one of Israels’ leading fashion producers and stylists.

Her brand, Royal Gypsy, was created and dreamt of while on a journey in India where she found herself one day at a ball in a beautiful royal maharaja castle and the day after having an adventure in a sanctuary enjoying all that mother-nature has given us. She realized that like her special ability to integrate in all worlds and lifestyles, she needed her attire to be exactly the same – and fit in perfectly one night at a black tie party and the other night on a walk on a sandy, deserted beach.
What she needed were clothes fit and made for your typical Royal Gypsy.

Michal’s first collection was launched in 2010 and based on traditional Kashmiri Kaftans. These have now developed into a leading trend amongst Kaftan lovers all over the world. Michal loves to blend her travel and spiritual experiences into the essence of her collections. The upcoming collections will also include Accessories and Home Products that encapsulate the essence of total freedom and what it means to be a true Royal Gypsy.

Michal Believe it’s her mission is to bring forth harmony and beauty through awareness and empowerment. Her main motto is “Feel good – do good”. Through it she lends her personal contribution to make this world a better place.

Her new 2021 collection is connected to the global movement of consciousness, impaired by sacred symbols of different cultures.